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Aladar 2004



Aladar Kish is an independant architect registered in the canton of Valais.

With an openly pragmatic approach to projects and a lean, agile management style my one man shop is able to offer a complete, competitive range of architectural services in English and in French.

On the technical side, for project design, development, and delivery, I use ArchiCAD to create a Building Information Model (BIM) enabling accurate visualisation and quantification of a project before construction and DeltaProject for cost control.

I have colaborated with different architectural offices, in the United States and in Switzerland on biotech, commercial, hospitality, housing, industrial, mixed use, residential, sport and telecommunications projects.

Currently, I colaborate with Esposito-Javet architectes associƩs SA on the realisation of a medical-social facility (EMS).

Appointed Taxateur Officiel by the Commune de Martigny-Combe, in collaboration with the Teneur de Cadastre of the commune, I follow the evolution of the property values and the construction costs. Determination of the fair market value of a property is essential in case of an inheritance, a mortgage or for fiscal purposes.

revision 04.11.17