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habitat et jardin SIA 2012

The SIA stand at Habitat et Jardin 2012

lightning rod

A lightning rod in the form of lightning being built in the shop of Burgener & Oberli SA





ECA 200 - SIA, Aubonne, Switzerland. 2012

My role here was co-critic with Alain Oulevey, civil engineer, in the 8VSB1 art class taught by Sébastien Mettraux at the secondary school of Aubonne. The class developed art projects for the "prevention of natural catastrophes in the future". This project was co-sponsored by the l'Etablissement d'assurance contre l'incendie et les éléments naturels du canton de Vaud (ECA) along with the Swiss Society of Architects and Engineers (SIA) for the bicentennial of the ECA.

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