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Stained glass





Chalet Beau Pré: Ravoire, Switzerland. 2005-2010

This is our chalet. It provides us with a welcome counterpoint to our urban lives. Situated at 1'346 meters, it occupies a steep site on the frontier between the urbanisation of the valley and the romanticism of the high mountains. This duality is highly visible and easily accessible.

The form, surface and volume of the building result directly from the building code at the time of construction. This includes the construction limit setbacks, peaked roof slope and orientation, height, parcel surface to usable m2 coefficients and wooden exterior.

We integrated a stained glass door, from the 1950's, designed by Alberto Sartoris and executed by Carla Prina that we rescued from a villa that was being demolished.

This small, super insulated, passive solar building is easily maintained, heated and cooled. It is constructed of robust, minimally finished materials. It's orientation and fenestration insure maximum solar gain, and exclusion during the hottest months. This, combined with the thermal mass of the slabs and knee walls keep the climate on an even keel. A wood stove provides added heat when the sun hides. Thermal captors preheat the hot water. The building is connected to industrial services: water, sewer, electricity, telephone and cable. The rain water is recycled through a drain field.

m3 SIA : env 380 m3

revision 04.11.17